Practice Areas

The team at Haas & Associates, PA is experienced in serving clients dealing with a wide range of legal issues including divorce, child custody and support, adoption, paternity, domestic violence, property division and personal injury law. Whether you are going through a difficult divorce, seeking custody of your children, or dealing with any other family-related legal matter, our team can provide valuable guidance and support. No matter what your family law issue may be, our skilled attorneys can work with you to protect your rights, achieve your goals, and help you navigate the legal system.

At Haas & Associates, P.A., we have over three decades of experience in the following areas:



Alienation of Affection

Alimony and Support

Alternative Dispute Resolution


Assisted Reproduction

Child Custody


Domestic Violence

Estate Planning

LGBT Family Law


Personal Injury Law

Prenuptial Agreements

Property Distribution

Separation Agreements

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