Alternative Dispute Resolution

The attorneys/mediators of Haas & Associates, P.A. offer alternative dispute resolution legal assistance with several approaches to divorce that may be less stressful than traditional divorce proceedings:

    • Green Divorce - Green Divorce is an alternative dispute resolution that does not involve litigation or going to trial. This approach combines the expertise of several professionals normally involved in the separation/divorce process into one holistic approach. Green Divorce gives your family the opportunity to receive the knowledge, support and advice needed to minimize the damage, both emotional and financial, inherent in the separation/divorce process.

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  • Mediation - We offer mediation services, which spare divorcing couples the expense of contested divorce proceedings. During mediation, couples can dissolve their marriage in a respectful and dignified manner. Mediation provides an opportunity for divorcing couples to establish a respectful relationship going forward.
  • Collaborative Law - Collaborative law describes a process for settling marital dissolution without using litigation. This alternative dispute resolution process establishes a series of ground rules agreed to by the divorcing couple and their lawyers. Any lawyer participating in collaborative law must have specialized training to do so. The objective is to peacefully negotiate the issues at hand, while considering what is best for the entire family. Instead of focusing on the “win/lose” model, the focus during collaborative law is placed on devising creative options that meet everyone’s needs, including those of the children.

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