Gabriela J. Matthews

With more than 30 years of legal experience in family law, Gabriela J. Matthews was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and moved to Durham, NC at four years old. Raised in a bicultural, bilingual household, she had to constantly acclimate to different cultures, languages, lifestyles and ways of thinking. Her ability to adapt to different styles, personalities, processes, and strategies in any given situation has become one of her greatest strengths.

Over her lifetime, Gabriela has also personally experienced numerous roles in various forms of family. She has been a child of divorced parents, a stepchild, a wife, a stepparent, a divorcee, and a single parent. She has been in just about every role one can have in the world of marriage. As a result, instead of viewing divorce as a failure, Gabriela views divorce as another chapter in a person's evolution.

In our society we take on new educations, careers, houses, and friends without any feeling of blame or shame. Gabriela believes that "as we grow, we sometimes also find ourselves needing to change our partners to reflect where we are headed." Gabriela believes there is no shame in that; instead, divorce is an opportunity for the person to grow and align with who they really are.

With that in mind, Gabriela has trained as a life coach and now offers her services to empower clients to explore what's next after their separation.

Gabriela has always been known for her passion. She is passionate about whatever she is doing. She is known in the legal community for passionately representing her clients, because to her, they are not just clients, but also people: mothers, fathers, domestic partners, stepparents and grandparents.

Gabriela believes that, just as families are varied, the legal processes that best serve them are also varied. There should not be just one path which clients are forced to use. Instead, Gabriela believes in empowering her clients by offering and being skilled at various divorce processes and assisting her client to choose the one that best suits their particular goals, needs and interests. Today, few other area family law attorneys have the experience and adaptability to offer the variety of options with which to handle their family law concerns that Gabriela has.

Gabriela uses her experience and her skills to assist clients at Haas & Associates, by coaching them through whatever process they are in, and helps them see what’s possible. Having Gabriela as a Divorce Coach can greatly assist when dealing with legal processes you don’t understand, and anticipating what’s next, so that you can be prepared.

Take advantage of her of divorce coaching skills today. She will empower you throughout your journey to take new steps and learn new skills that will last a lifetime.


Gabriela J. Matthews
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