Our Firm’s Philosophy

The attorneys of our firm share a common vision and commitment to our clients and our community.

We respect all families, regardless of composition or construction. We hold the common belief that, as attorneys, it is both our honor and our privilege to serve others. Our attorneys share a strong belief that it is our responsibility to work with clients and opposing counsels to create the best possible resolution to any conflict, especially where children are involved. We demand the highest levels of integrity and responsibility from each member of our firm, and seek to redefine the standards of honor and professionalism in the legal community.

Experience. Compassion. Responsiveness. Professionalism. Integrity.

We are local family law attorneys, so we understand you are looking for the best family law attorney in Raleigh, Wake, Durham or throughout North Carolina. Our focus is always on our clients and how to protect their best interests. The reputation Haas & Associates, P.A. has earned includes being advocates for our clients, being fully prepared and on time for court, and being compassionate and knowledgeable in all areas of family law. When you contact our offices, you will interact with our dedicated staff and attorneys, and we will set up some time to understand your circumstances and legal needs.

With our extensive experience in family law, we can offer insights and guidance for your situation and help guide you to your next steps and, if needed, through the entire legal process. We are responsive and professional, regardless of the type of family law you need help with. At Haas & Associates, P.A., you can expect integrity and trust in all we do.

Call us to discuss your unique needs and goals.