1964 Civil Rights Act barring sex discrimination in the workplace protects LGBTQ employees from being fired because of their sexual orientation.

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled Monday that the 1964 Civil Rights Act barring sex discrimination in the workplace protects LGBTQ employees from being fired because of their sexual orientation. The vote was 6-to-3, with conservatives Chief Justice John Roberts and Neil Gorsuch joining the court’s four liberal justices in the majority. The opinion is available…

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Beginning June 1, 2020, pursuant to the following protocols, in person trials and hearings will resume at the Wake County Courthouse in courtrooms 2B, 2C, 2D, and 2A. Judges may direct and parties may request remote WebEx hearings for certain cases as provided herein. Calendar Calls: ● All calendar calls will be held remotely via…

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3 Benefits of Having a Postnuptial Agreement

Most people have heard about prenuptial agreements, which allow a couple to address a number of issues related to property and inheritance rights in marriage, as well as other spousal obligations, before they get married. In some cases, spouses who didn’t get a prenup wish they had put some crucial issues in writing before the…

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Fathers: 5 Reasons to Establish Paternity of Your Child

In North Carolina, the law states that when a child is born to married parents, the mother and father are both automatically legally considered their child’s parents. However, this is not the case when an unmarried couple has a child.  If you are a father and are not married to your child’s mother, it is…

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Three Situations Where You May Need to Modify a Support Order

As part of the divorce process, the court will establish orders regarding child support, which is the payment made by the noncustodial parent to the custodial parent, intended to support the minor child or children. Courts can also establish spousal support, also known as alimony, when one divorcee needs financial support from the other to…

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7 Grounds for Annulment in North Carolina

Grounds for annulment in North Carolina

In North Carolina, there are two options for legally ending a marriage: divorce and annulment. Although both processes terminate the relationship and leave you free to remarry, there is a fundamental difference: divorce ends a legal marriage while an annulment states that the marriage was never valid to begin with. Contrary to popular belief, in…

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4 Steps to Take Once You’ve Been Served with Divorce Papers

Being served divorce papers

Being served with divorce papers can leave you feeling angry, stressed, and upset. However, it is vital that you familiarize yourself with the process and what to do next. You don’t have to act immediately, but you will have limited time to respond if you want to respond to the lawsuit. If you do not…

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4 Steps to File for Divorce in North Carolina

Steps to file for divorce

Has your marriage reached its end? Whether this is a conclusion you and your spouse have reached together, or one you came to on your own, deciding to get divorced is never easy. However, once you have decided that a divorce is what you want, the process for making it happen is fairly straightforward in…

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Do You Need a Reason to Divorce in North Carolina?

Do you need a reason to divorce in North Carolina?

Under North Carolina law, there are two types of divorce, the first being Absolute Divorce and the second being Divorce from Bed and Board (with Divorce from Bed and Board being extremely rare). An Absolute Divorce completely and finally ends the marriage between two people. North Carolina is a “no-fault” divorce state.  Separation for over…

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Groups Applaud DMV Gender Marker Change

  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   Contact: James Michael Nichols, Equality NC, 919-829-0343 or james@equalitync.org Molly Rivera, ACLU of North Carolina, 919-438-0492 or mrivera@acluofnc.org   Groups Applaud DMV Gender Marker Change   On Wednesday, the North Carolina Department of Transportation released a Sex Designation Form that will now be used to streamline the process for changing the gender marker on…

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