Sperm Donor/Egg Donor Agreements

Generally, a person who anonymously provides sperm or eggs to a bank or private facility gives up all legal and other rights over the biological children produced from his or her biological material. However, in private arrangements, and in the case of known donors, some degree of co-parenting may be agreed upon. The enforceability of those agreements varies by jurisdiction. It is extremely important, particularly when becoming an egg donor or sperm donor for someone you know, that there be a written agreement between the intended parents and the known donor that addresses all legal issues related to the donation and protects each party's rights and responsibilities prior to any donation or transfer taking place.

Donors may or may not be paid for the donation, according to local laws and agreed arrangements. Even in unpaid arrangements, expenses are often reimbursed. If the donor is known, it is important to have an agreement in which the donor relinquishes all rights to any embryo or child that may be created from the donated sperm or egg. This will protect both the donor and the intended parents.

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Becoming an egg donor or sperm donor for someone you know, such as a family member or friend, can be an exciting and special time for all parties involved. By formalizing a documented agreement prior to any donations, you and the parent or parents can confirm that you are in agreement with as many outcomes as you can prepare for.

Without an agreement on the details surrounding the egg donation or sperm donation, you could find yourself in a situation in which you strongly disagree with the intended parents but aren't sure of your rights. Or, as the intended parent, you could feel strongly about the egg, sperm or embryo and not agree with the viewpoint of the donor. In most circumstances, a donor agreement can avoid these significant disagreements and can prevent future damage to the relationship between the donor and the intended parents.

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