Assisted Care Facilities for Elderly Individuals

An assisted care facility is a facility for elderly people that provides housing with assistance to the elder person. In this environment an individual has an apartment-type area to reside in. The assisted living environment provides both an independent atmosphere for the elder person along with assistance when needed. Typically in an assisted care facility the elder person may receive as much or as little assistance as they need. Types of assistance that are usually included in an assisted care facility include:

  • Meal preparation.
  • Medication distribution.
  • Cleaning of apartment areas or living areas.
  • Therapies, such as physical and other medical therapies.
  • Transportation assistance.
  • Assistance with dressing and grooming.

There may be many benefits to living in an assisted care facility. First, the facility may feel like the elder person’s own home. Second, residing in an assisted care facility may be more economical than having a home care situation. Third, the assisted care facilities generally offer much more privacy than in a nursing home. Generally, the elder person resides by themselves in an apartment-like room. Some facilities contain units that have kitchens and laundry facilities right in the actual apartment. Other facilities offer more dorm-like rooms with a bedroom, bathroom and a living area. Last, the elder person is not required to use all of the services provided by the facility. They have the autonomy to accept or pass on any of the services offered.

Choosing an Assisted Care Facility

Because assisted care facilities differ in services offered one should carefully analyze all of the information provided by the facility before committing to enrollment. The elder person or the family of the elder person should ask the admissions staff of the assisted care facility a number of questions. Some questions that may and should be asked include:

  • Cost questions.
  • Staff questions. Is the staff trained or certified in elder care?
  • Rights of the elder with respect to care, treatment, safety, privacy, and control of the elder person’s finances.
  • Where does the elder person report any concerns or perceived abuses?