Collaborative Law

Attorneys at Haas & Associates, P.A. are available and trained to assist with collaborative law divorce.  Collaborative law defines a process for settling marital dissolution without resorting to litigation.  The collaborative divorce process sets a series of ground rules agreed to by the divorcing couple and their attorneys. Any attorney participating in collaborative law must have specialized training to do so. Some people find collaborative law appealing to their divorce needs. Collaborative divorce has the following main features:

  • Each party retains an attorney who agrees in advance not to take the case to trial.
  • Collaborative divorce attorneys and their clients agree to fully and voluntarily disclose information.
  • All parties agree that parenting decisions will be based on the best interests of the children.
  • The parties and their attorneys meet to resolve the legal issues surrounding the divorce in “four-way conferences”—conferences that include the two spouses and their attorneys.

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The objective is to negotiate the issues peacefully, with a holistic approach to what is best for the entire family. The focus is taken off of a "win/lose" model and placed instead on devising creative options that meet everyone's needs, including the children.  If ultimately, the parties cannot agree on a settlement and decide to litigate, new attorneys must be hired. This provides a disincentive to both parties and their attorneys to behave in an adversarial or litigious manner.

Collaborative divorce attorneys follow collaborative law for couples who want to close one chapter of their life and move forward with their futures. The purpose of this practice is to give both sides the support and legal counsel they need without going to litigation. The negotiations during the four-way conferences are designed to be two-way conversations, not one-way demands, which can be the outcome of some divorces.

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