Wills and Probate

A last will and testament is one of the most critical parts of a sound financial plan, but it is often neglected.  While it seems that common sense would dictate who should receive your assets or take care of your children in the event of your death, common sense does not always prevail in the absence of a will.

An experienced estate planning and/or estate administration (probate) attorney can guide you to document what you need in order to ensure that, following your death, the transition of your assets goes smoothly. Even if you and your family agree on how your property will be divided and who will care for your children when you die, such an agreement is not enforceable without a will. A will can enforce those agreements and ensure the time following your death isn't more difficult than it should be for your family and friends.

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Your will serves several very important purposes.  It lets you decide who gets your property—everything from your jewelry, cars and real estate to your pets—and enables you to name a guardian of your choosing for your children.  A will also allows you to appoint an executor who will administer your estate and carry out your wishes once you are gone. Read on for more information about important issues involving wills and probate:

Wills and probate laws can be complex, and it's often necessary to include a legal professional in drafting, revising and finalizing your will. If you need an estate planning and/or estate administration (probate) attorney, contact Haas & Associates, P.A. We serve all types of families with a variety of estate and family law needs throughout Raleigh, Durham and surrounding areas in North Carolina.

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