The Benefits of Having a Will

Taking the time to create a last will and testament is a kind and generous service to your family and friends.  It also ensures that the wealth and property you spent your lifetime building is passed on in the manner you choose.  Having a will in place when you die can—

  • Make things easier on your family and friends.
  • Allow the details of your estate to be worked out quickly and easily. Without a will, the state appoints an administrator to divide your assets.  In addition to a longer and more complicated process in probate court, this can also result in more of the money in your estate going toward administrative fees.
  • Leave your family with more money.
  • Together with a properly prepared estate plan, significantly cut down on the estate taxes and administrative fees payable out of your estate, leaving more money for your family, friends or favorite charities.
  • Ensure that your heirlooms, keepsakes and collectibles stay in the family.
  • Provide for your children in your absence.

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An experienced attorney can help you draft, revise and finalize your last will and testament. If you attempt to draft your will yourself, you could forget to include some information, such as an asset you own. This omission may have a negative impact on your family following your death.

Another common error involving a last will and testament is drafting it early in your life and forgetting to revise it. Many people draft a last will and testament when they get married or have children, and then never revise it. Anyone with a will should revise it whenever there is a life change, such as a separation, divorce or acquisition of a large asset.

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