Green Divorce—A less stressful path for divorce in North Carolina

Green Divorce is a comprehensive collaborative approach to resolution that does not involve litigation or going to trial.  By combining the expertise of several professionals normally involved in the separation/divorce process into one holistic approach, the Green Divorce offers your family the opportunity to receive the knowledge, advice and support required to minimize the emotional and financial damage inherent in the separation/divorce process.

The Green Divorce process is designed to—

  • Reduce stress, conflict, unnecessary litigation, time and expense
  • Reuse financial documents, experts and consultants and family resources
  • Recycle marital assets into separate sustainability, old problems into new creative solutions, adversarial trials into collaborative settlements

In a Green Divorce, the parties achieve their separation through a series of mediated settlement conferences.  Issues are settled by mutual agreement of the parties themselves, rather than by a judge.  Resolution is achieved through a collaborative approach with the help of several professionals trained to address a variety of issues.

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Collaborative divorce lawyers aid the couple in finding peaceful, respectful and efficient resolutions for both sides during the divorce process. Other professionals who may be a part of this process could include therapists, tax professionals or financial planners. The goal of the Green Divorce is to equip the parties with the information and support they need to find a resolution that works for both sides.

The Green Divorce allows couples to address their separation from a cooperative, rather than an adversarial platform.  It provides both parties with the knowledge and support they need to negotiate a major life transition with as little damage to their families and themselves as possible. A Green Divorce is a good option to consider if filing your own divorce would be too difficult due to complexity in an estate, properties or guardianship.

Green Divorce: Frequently Asked Questions